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About euroTMjoint
Euro-tm-joint is the European network for research on Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) arthritis and craniofacial development in patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). The initial aim of the network was to identify medical/dental centers and physicians across Europe with expertise in TMJ involvement and craniofacial development in patients with JIA and who are willing to be part of this new research group (core members). Although initialy aimed at Europe, the network now is considered an international global network.
Among its several other aims, the most important ones are to facilitate research on TMJ arthritis in JIA, provide support and educational material on TMJ arthritis and craniofacial development in JIA for physicians and other health care professionals and eventually optimize the therapeutic management of JIA patients with TMJ arthritis.

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Update your knowledge on TMJ arthritis in JIA patients with euroTMjoint online materials
Read the latest euroTMjoint reviews of recent articles: commented summaries of selected and important articles on TMJ arthritis in JIA, for physicians and health care providers to keep up with scientific publications on the TMJ arthritis page    
Intraarticular Corticosteroid injection of the TMJ (review)

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Become a euroTMjoint member
If you are a health care provider interested in TMJ arthritis in JIA patients and euroTMjoint activities, you can register by simply sending us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying your name, surname, profession, address and full affiliations. At this time membership is free and does not imply anything (please note that coremembers are already identified by the euroTMjoint board; application for corememberships goes via the working group leaders)
You may occasionally receive updates, news letters and information by email on euroTMjoint meetings or studies. EuroTMjoint is a non-profit scientific network. You will not recieve any unsolicited mailing from companies or groups.

EuroTMjoint Objectives
The euroTMjoint network was officially created in March 2010, in Oslo, Norway.
The proposed euroTMjoint objectives are to:

  • Organize a dedicated health and research network with identification of international referral centers across the globe for patients with TMJ arthritis and JIA.
  • Establish regular updates of Recommendations for diagnostic and therapeutic management of these patients
  • Initiate, conduct and promote studies (from euroTMjoint network or other research groups) on TMJ arthritis in JIA across the globe, using an efficient, established and easy accessible network.
  • Develop educational and awareness programs for health care providers (training sessions, training videos, bi-annual meetings, etc)

EuroTMjoint access to care map:
North America
South America

EuroTMjoint board:
Dr Linda Arvidson (2014-2018)
Dr Bjørn Ogaard (2012-2014)
Prof. Thomas Klit Pederson
Prof. Timo Peltomaki
Dr. Bernd Koos
Dr Peter Stoustrup (2014-2018)
Dr. Marinka Twilt
Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev

EuroTMjoint working group leaders:
under construction.

EuroTMjoint meetings
The first scientific EuroTMjoint meeting was held in Zurich, Switzerland, the DATE/MONTH 2010. The next were held in DATE MONTH 2011 in Kiel, Germany, , DATE MONTH 2012 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, DATE MONTH 2013 in  Aarhus, Denmark and DATE MONTH 2014 Tampere, Finland. During the Tampere meeting it was decided to have annual research meetings and bi-annual scientific meetings. The next research meetings are organized by the working group leaders and the next scientific meeting will take place in 2016, more will follow soon on place and date. See meeting webpage for more information.

Additional information on euroTMjoint and contact
For more information, feel free to contuct us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.